Roll on Turf and Artificial Lawn Installers Dublin

We offer a turfing service in Dublin where we can lay a new lawn for you and take care of any turf soil you may require. This can also include custom designs where we will combine your grass (artificial or roll on turf) with hardscaping such as pathways, natural stone bordered lawns and water features.

When you opt for roll on turf, the process is relatively simple. We will replace the area you specify, it does not matter if it was a grass area before or not. We will excavate it down to ensure we can create the right base for growing a nice new lawn.

Once its prepared, we will put in a new turfing soil which we will roll in to ensure its solid and that its level is set to the right heights. Under this soil, we will always put in a new foundation to make sure any water will drain through your lawn. Nothing is worse than a waterlogged lawn!

The new roll on turf is put on top of the prepared soil area where sometimes we will add sand on top of the soil before to make it a bit firmer. The lawn gets rolled on and over the next few weeks, the lawn will starting growing roots down into the base. As long as its kept watered, it should develop very fast with a seamless lawn in place after only a few weeks.

Another option for homeowners in Dublin is artificial grass. Its become fairly popular with more and more people looking for easy maintenance. The range of choices available now for artificial grass is significant. With choices on standard astra turf to luscious imitation grass which is soft to walk on and looks authentic.

The benefit to this is the lawn never needs cutting! During those winters months, the lawn will stay in pristine condition so come early spring, all you have to do is move your chairs back to your patio with no maintenance whatsoever required!

If you would like a free quote on having a new lawn, roll on turf or artificial grass installed at your residence in Dublin, call the team at O’Brien Driveways today. Expert services at unbeatable prices.

We not only provide a range of lawn and garden services, we are specialists at fencing installations in Dublin, bricklaying and laying down new patios in Dublin.