Tarmac Driveways Dublin

Experts at installing tarmac driveways in Dublin. Give O'Brien Driveways a call today to schedule a free no obligation quotation on installing, repairing or extending your tarmac driveway in Dublin. With a range of tarmac options available and machinary capable of laying tarmac on all sizes of tarmac driveways and tarmac roadways.

We offer a free quotation service for clients interested in having their driveway laid with tarmac in Dublin. Feel free to call us anytime to get a free no obligation quote and advice on how best to approach the task of installing a tarmac driveway which not only looks good but will stay good throughout the years.


Tarmac driveway installed in Dublin with a large paved overlay and a paving border using Kilsarans paving range. Small paving step at entrance to house.

If you are looking for quality workmanship, you are looking for O'Briens Driveways in Dublin. We use only the finest tarmac and bitumen to deliver the highest quality tarmac driveways in County Dublin. We offer long term guarantees on all our tarmac driveways. With multiple options available to suit all types of budgets, we guarantee we can make you a driveway that will look good all year round.

A tarmac driveway does not mean it has to be plain or boring. You can do multiple extra touches to tarmac to make it stand out. You can add some marble chipping to the driveway to give a speckled white and black finish. You can install a pure resin and chip driveway which is extremely durable and very safe to walk on.

You can install a paving border on your tarmac driveway or you can install paving patterns on it or as a driveway entrance. We will happily walk you through some of the exciting things you can do when you choose a tarmac driveway.

When you combine our low prices and outstanding work, we offer a great choice for our Dublin clients. Call us now for a free estimate on your driveway or patio. By using well-designed steps, paths and lighting, outdoor spaces can be brought to life. We are happy to help evolve existing designs by providing knowledgeable input, and we take pride in achieving the desired effect. We are also happy to restore existing paths and features to their former glory.

Let us help you make the right choice of materials by taking the time to listen to you and understand your vision. Given our experience we can cut the choices down and present an appropriate selection that includes some less well-known alternatives, to help ease the design process. Our aim is to deliver the best tarmac driveway or patio solution possible to you.