Gravel Driveways in Dublin

Get a beautiful new gravel driveway installed at your home in Dublin today at an exceptional price and quality. With O'Brien Driveways being an expert contractor at installing all types of gravel driveways and gravel bed areas.

Gravel driveways and patio areas are fast and easily installed. They offer easy maintenance and create a beautiful entrance to any home in Dublin. They are a low cost alternative to some of the more expensive solutions like paving. With the many different sizes and colours, it gives you the control over what you want your driveway to look and feel like.


Gravel driveway installed in Co. Meath. Multi coloured large stones used to allow better traction for heavy vehicles.

We offer a wide variety of styles in order to give any gravel driveway a unique feel to it. Gravel being a natural aggregate means you can combine it with a lot of different surface types and it will fit naturally without looking out of place.


You can join gravel or shingle with paving, concrete and even tarmac surfaces. If your thinking of exploring shingle or gravel options for your driveway please call us and we can go through the many variety’s and styles that are available to you.